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How It Works

How It Works - Free Agent Realty


When you hire Free Agent Realty to list your home, you gain access to dedicated, full-service professionals who will sell your property free of commission in exchange for allowing us to represent you in the purchase of your next home. Often times this arrangement results in saving three percent of the sale price, and that additional equity stays with you.

For Example:

Selling and buying a $250,000 home with Free Agent Realty

Sell Your Old House
$250,000 House
  • 3% listing agent commission  $7,500
  • 3% buyer’s agent commission $7,500
  • Total cost to sell: $7,500
Buy Your New House
$250,000 House
  • 3% listing agent commission $7,500
    (paid by the seller of the home)
  • 3% buyer’s agent commission $7,500
    (paid to your Free Agent)
  • Total cost to buy: $7,500

Total Savings: $7,500

Commercial Property

Commercial Real Estate Owners, Developers, & Builders


Here at Free Agent Realty, we understand your business and your need to protect your investment. Our unique program is designed to help our commercial clients maximize results while driving serious savings to their bottom line.

By allowing us to represent you in subsequent transactions, we are able to offer full-service brokerage as well as lease negotiation and procurement for your first project commission-free. Because we strive for a long-term relationship rather than a commission check.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of every project.